Best Bulletproof Backpack 

Top Best Backpack on the Market

Top Best Backpack On The Market

Before starting searching for a perfect bulletproof rucksack, define the purpose why you need one. Do you want to feel more protected? Do you need it to carry your stuff in its numerous compartments? Think about it.

Also, define who’s going to be the owner of this exact rucksack: are you searching for a rucksack for a teenager, a young child, an adult? The weight and other characteristics of the rucksack depend on this information. Mind that your requirements define your possible future options (and your future).

Bulletproof Rucksacks

Firebird Armored Backpack These rucksacks come with built-in armor panels, and they are placed in such a way you feel comfortable carrying them. They will suit perfectly adults and college students as they are old enough to carry their weight.


The Firebird Armored Rucksack

The Firebird Armored Rucksack is the rucksack model coming with extra pockets and an 11′′ x 15′′ armor system. It has some similarities in characteristics with another bulletproof rucksack model, the Phoenix, but we’ll give a review on this one a bit later.

Though the only color of the Firebird Armored Backpack is the black one, you can select between two options of one rucksack: Rifle Rated III” LW Steel Armor (10 lbs.) or Pistol Rated Soft Armor (sub 3lbs.). To both these models, you can add IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) at your will.

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Examine carefully the video showing working principles of both the Firebird and the Phoenix bulletproof rucksacks.

Spartan Six Rucksack Body Armor Carrier

Spartan Six Rucksack Body Armor Carrier Could you ever imagine a rucksack with an option of ballistic protection? We bet you couldn’t. But such a rucksack is as real as it can be. The name for this bulletproof rucksack is the Spartan SIX Backpack. And it’s a Level IIIA Flex Fused Core panel that provides this ballistic protection.

A special Velcro pouch holds the armor panel in the right place on the Spartan SIX, so you don’t need to sew it in the rucksack. That’s made for your comfort, and that’s something you can’t just overlook. Detach the armor panel from the rucksack, wash it, and place it back. What can be easier?

Some of the basic characteristics of the Spartan SIX:

Armor panel characteristics:

  • Weight 1lb 9.4 oz.
  • 35″
  • Rated to stop .44 MAG SJHP, as well as Special Threat Rated to stop.357 SIG FMJ

Rucksack characteristics:

  • A handle
  • YKK zip fasteners
  • Pocket for a laptop
  • 420 Denier nylon
  • Adaptable Sternum strap

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Watch the video explaining the operating principle of the Spartan Bulletproof Backpack.

Spartan Armor Systems AR650 Rucksack Level III

Spartan Armor Systems The Spartan Armor System Ballistic Rucksack is an affordable mix of a 10″ x13 AR650 Level III+ Plate Insert and condor assault rucksack. This rucksack is made of superior fabric and has such extra features as double stitching, numerous compartments, and flexible straps.

The Spartan Armor System Ballistic Rucksack has a weight of 9.5 lbs and carries a single 10″ by 10″ panel, which is rated to stop 7.62 M80 Ball.

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Phoenix 2.0 Armored Rucksack

Phoenix Armored Backpack The Phoenix 2.0 Armored Rucksack is the model you must consider if you live (or spend a lot of time) in criminal districts where murders happen every day.

Unlike its previous analogs, this rucksack model is lightweight, so even youngsters (not to mention adults) can carry one without doing harm to their health. They can take these rucksacks to school as there is a laptop sleeve in one.

Some of the Phoenix 2.0 Armored Backpack extra features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Color variety (Mauve, Gray, Blue)
  • Durable zippers
  • Armor plate dimension (10″ x 12″ OR 11″ by 15″)
  • Padded backing
  • Threat protection (Rifle 13 lbs./ Pistol 3 lbs.)
  • Possibility of trauma pad adding

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Armor Bulletproof Panels

Bulletproof Backpack Inserts If you don’t want to (or can’t) spend money on expensive bulletproof rucksacks, you don’t have to. If you have a rucksack, you can purchase an armor plate and place it in there. Such rucksacks function the same way as their expensive analogs.

Premier Body Armor Panels

Premier Body Armor Panels are everything you ever wanted to find in perfect armor plates. We have no other words describing these panels as perfect as it seems they were designed to please even the pickiest survivalist.

There are several armor panels in the complete set, and each of them has unique characteristics, including weight, shape, and level of security. Still, considering this, they fit in almost every rucksack presented on the market (such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Eberlestock, etc.), so they are irreplaceable things in the arsenal of every self-respecting survivalist.

These armor panels come in different sizes, allowing you to pick one between a small/medium/large “Universal” sized panels option.

You also have an opportunity to purchase the backpack and the panel together if you don’t want to waste your time choosing these components separately. You can find these offers either on Bundles or Premier Body Armor’s Bulletproof Backpack Inserts.

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In the following video, you’ll get a closer look at the working principle of Premier Body Armor Panels.


Ar500 Level Iii Backpack Armor - 9.5 X 13 The AR500 Armor Level III Backpack Armor has such a design it can fit in almost every rucksack on the market. You can be sure you can put one in your rucksack, and you’ll still have space for your 15.1′′ laptop, so you don’t need to carry too many bags with you because no one needs such extra weight.

The only significant problem coming in addition to these armor panels is their weight. That’s something that can stop you from purchasing it, so think twice whether these armor panels are right for you or not. But be sure they’re not suitable for youngsters as it will be impossible for them and their backs to carry school books and armor plates altogether.

But there’s an explanation for this weight (which is about 8 lbs): these heavy armor panels can stop rifle calibers up to 2,780fps. We think it’s worth paying for this weight, knowing you have such a solid layer of security.

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The following video explains the way these armor panels work and the reasoning for purchasing them.

Screenshot 41 2

Treat a bulletproof backpack as your body armor and discover the top qualities of a good bag that can save your life during riots or violent attacks. The biggest reason to obtain such gear is that such a ballistic shield will protect your kids once the bag is on. Discover more reasons and construction features that can be of great value.

The modern world realities are harsh: every day, we receive new messages on mass shootings. All these messages are disturbing, but when we hear about school shootings and know kids are involved in these cruelties, our anxiety goes shy high.

Statistics are intimidating: in 2019, the number of mass shootings in the USA exceeded the number of days in the year. In general, the cases of 417 mass shootings were registered in 2019 in the USA.

There’s no need to find the guilty ones as it won’t change anything. It won’t save thousands of women, men, and children who happened to become victims of criminals’ bullets. What we can do is try to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But can we do it? And if we can – how can we make it happen?

There are several options. The first one refers to gun-free zones where it’s illegal to concealed carry guns. It might sound solid, especially with the fact children are the ones who can’t carry guns like that. Schools combine these two factors under one roof, which makes kids the target for sick bastards. All this means the creation of gun-free zones make not much sense as people tend to ignore restrictions.

When it comes to other ways of kids’ protection from psychopaths with illegal (or legal) guns, only one thing comes to mind: bulletproof backpacks. You might be skeptical about them, but they do work. If something gives you more layer of protection, then does it matter what it is?

Screenshot 40 2

Besides, everyone knows what bulletproof backpacks are: they are basic backpacks, but with an armor plate inside. Armor plates, in turn, are something they use in bulletproof vests in the USA army. They are made of such a material that can easily protect soldiers’ bodies from being torn apart by firearm bullets

If American soldiers can put these armor plates inside their vests, why can’t we (and why wouldn’t we) do the same? As nothing stops us from doing this, we can add these protection products to our lives.

Screenshot 38


Key Features of a High-Quality Bulletproof Backpack

Key Features Of A High-Quality Bulletproof Backpack

Fortunately, we live in a world of unlimited opportunities. Unfortunately, the same reason ruins our peace of mind.

Various brands suggest various protection products, competition is way too steep, the price can be too high, the quality standards are increasing every day. It’s easy to get lost in various choices and not easy to find the perfect military protection product for yourself and your loved ones.

Talking of backpacks, the main thing you need to bear in mind is their quality. No matter if we’re talking of office backpacks, survival backpacks, school backpacks, tactical backpacks, or bug-out bags. The quality of all these backpacks’ categories must be exceptional.

But that’s not the only characteristic they need to obtain to be called the best product, especially when it comes to a bulletproof backpack.

Bag With Many Compartments

The more compartments your backpack has, the better for you, as many compartments mean more space for more surviving stuff, including spare clothes, survival gear, books, sunglasses. In other words, for everything you think might be beneficial for you during long-surviving trips.

The size of your compartments matters, too. Everything matters when it comes to your comfort and, what’s more important, your protection. Choose a backpack of not the lowest price on the market as it won’t help you anyhow. Cheap products almost always mean poor quality, and that’s not something you might need when in an emergency. Think twice before purchasing something that one day can save your life.

First-Class Nylon and Fabric

There are many types of fabric that brands use while creating protection bags. It can be polyester, nylon, cotton. The comparison metrics of each fabric include tear resistance, abrasion resistance, stretch. Characteristics can be various, and fabric composition can be various, too. It doesn’t matter.

What matters is the life duration of your backpack as it has to stand the harshest conditions and situations. It even has to replace body armor when you need to. The level of responsibility you need to carry while selecting the right bag for your back is too high.

Zipper Tabs and Zippers of the Highest Standard

These two elements of a backpack are something adults always tend to ignore in vain.

The lifetime of bags relies a lot on these small design elements. If they fail at their function, none of the other functions matter. Indeed, if you can’t open your backpack, then why do you need one? Why do you need its compartments and superior fabrics? With broken zippers and zipper tabs, you can leave your bag at home.

Armor Backpack Plates of High Level

Many words can be said on the armor plates, and we won’t waste precious words on it in this article. But if you want to know more, you can refer to the article I dedicated directly to this topic.

Long story short, the thicker your armor plate, the better for you. A thick layer means solid protection. But it also means solid weight. And that’s something you need to bear in mind while picking that one bag for your child, among other various bags.

It might be a temptation to choose a lightweight backpack when you want to make a present for your daughter or your son. But parents need to keep a cool head and remember thin armor plates most likely will not help their children in a situation of a school shooting.

That’s why it’s essential to keep a balance between the weight and the protection rucksack inserts give to you.

Double Stitching

We’ve already talked a lot about the importance of the backpacks’ quality, but it’s worth mentioning it one more time.

The fabric might be of the highest level, but it goes to waste if the stitches between the different swatches of fabric are weak, especially if they’re weak on the high load points where shoulder straps and back meet, or where the pack meets the haul handle. These parts of bags require double stitching that can serve as a guarantee for the long vitality of your body armor alternative.

It would be perfect if double stitching was all-around backpacks and briefcases, but it would mean the price increase for ones. Meaning fewer people could afford these irreplaceable elements of true survivalist. And it’s not on the hand both for customers and sellers.

Small risks are always better than big ones. Make sure you protect the weakest parts of your bag (so-called high load points), so none of them would fail the strongest ones.

Screenshot 37 2

Working Principle of the Bulletproof Backpack

Working Principle Of The Bulletproof Backpack

The working principle of a rucksack is quite simple: they act as body armors (but in light version). Armor plates inside them are something protecting you from being penetrated by bullets. Local law enforcement often utilizes uniforms with such armor plates.

Their efficiency is on such a level where they can protect you from handgun calibers and sometimes from high-powered rifles. But that happens not that often as these backpacks and briefcases are too heavy to carry for a person with a normal body type. Not saying about youngsters. That’s why think twice before purchasing one. Mind that you need to put in your rucksack surviving stuff from the survival gear list. And it means adding some extra weight to your already not that light bag.

Try to keep a balance between the bag weight and your requirements for the protection level.

How to Wear A Backpack to Save Yourself

We hope you’d never had an experience (or you’ll never have one in the future) of finding yourself in a mass shooting situation. But we never know what’s going to happen the next minute, so it’s better to get ready for it than not be ready at all. That’s the reason we’re covering it in the article, and that’s the reason you’re reading it: because we care about ourselves and our loved ones.

Let’s imagine a situation. You’re in a school or the shopping mall, and suddenly you hear gunshots. Your bulletproof backpack is with you. But what should you do? How should you behave?

The possibility of being an active target is low (as you’ve already heard some gunshots). That means you have two options: either you can run away, or you’re the next shooter’s target.

If you’re lucky enough (if anyone can be considered lucky in a situation like this) and you can run away, your bulletproof rucksack can serve as an extra layer of protection from shooter’s bullets. That’s when advice on lightweight bulletproof rucksacks comes into force: the lighter is your rucksack, the better for you. It’s not easy to run from a psycho with extra kilograms on your back. Also, note that your bulletproof rucksack can anger the shooter if he sees it on you. Sometimes it’s better to drop the rucksack and flee away without it. But try to keep it, as it’s always better to have it with you than not to have it all.

When it comes to a situation when escape routes are cut off, and you have nowhere to run, a bulletproof rucksack can become a real salvation. Hunker down and use your rucksack as a bulletproof shield, trying to hide behind it. Even if the shooter decides to shoot you, armor plates in your rucksack would stop those bullets and save you.

As you can see, in every situation having a bulletproof rucksack gives you more profit than loss. Extra protection is always better than no protection at all. We wish you’d never find yourself in a situation like these, but if you do, try to assist yourself as much as possible.

Best Bulletproof Backpack Summary

Best Bulletproof Backpack Summary

There were enough words said in an attempt to assure you need to purchase at least one bulletproof rucksack or few armor plates for your favorite personal rucksack. But, after all, the main reason why do you need these survivalist’s products is to stop bullets from penetrating your body. It may sound harsh, but it’s true.

If you think you or your family can be safe in “gun-free zones,” then you’re wrong. People say shooters interpret “gun-free zones” as zones where they can feel free to shoot as they’ll be the only people with guns there.

It means you have to be prepared for anything. And owning a bulletproof rucksack and armor panels is the best invention in this readiness. Don’t you agree it’s better to way for the police with an extra layer of security than without it at all? Yes, those psychos can still shoot you, but you’ll have more chances to survive if you have something to watch your back.

If you have a chance to help yourself and your loved one in such extreme situations, why not use this chance?

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How much is a bulletproof rucksack?

It depends on the bulletproof rucksack you’re considering purchasing and on the functions of the one you’re looking for. If you want to buy a bulletproof rucksack with a built-in armor panel, then the charge for such models goes from 60$ to 300$. If you want to save your money and you possess a personal rucksack, you can purchase armor panels (or backpack inserts, in other words) for it for 70$ – 300$.

Do bulletproof rucksacks really work?

Yes, they do! They work the same way as body armors work, and if they were bad, then local law enforcement wouldn’t be utilizing them. Armor plates (or panels) inside these rucksacks give you extra security from the shooter’s bullets by creating a strong barrier between them and your body.

Are bulletproof backpacks legal?

They’re 100% legal, as even local law enforcement utilizes them. There’s nothing illegal in selling rucksacks, right? What should be illegal in selling bulletproof rucksacks if the only difference between them is an armored plane sewed in the fabrics? Armor plates are legal products in the USA, so you don’t need to worry about possible troubles with the law.

What is the best bulletproof backpack?

It depends on what you consider the best characteristics for the best bulletproof rucksack. Though in our humble opinion, the Phoenix Armored Backpack is the best among many other rucksacks on the market. It has a lot of extra features making it comfortable to use. Also, the cost of this exact rucksack is more than just affordable. So, if you were thinking about purchasing the perfect bulletproof rucksack, consider this one, and you won’t be disappointed.

Does Walmart sell bulletproof backpacks?

Yes, you can find bulletproof rucksacks in Walmart. The rucksack models of such companies as Guard Dog Security and ArmorMe. There’s not a big choice of bulletproof rucksacks in there, but still, you have an opportunity to purchase one if you happen to find yourself in Walmart.


A former USA Army sergeant and a highly educated survivalist and prepper with a degree and interest in Engineering and Electronics, Mike Millerson applies his extensive expertise in survivalism, homesteading, backpacking, hiking and hunting, spreading his deep knowledge about handling emergencies and prepping for them reasonably and effectively.




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